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Love our e-courses?

Join our affiliate program and turn your love into an income!

new affiliates

Leslie Friedman Image Consulting is currently looking for highly motivated individuals who have:

>>>> A strong social influence or network

>>>> A desire to work from home

>>>> A passion for helping other people look their best and live their best lives!

Hi Future Affiliate!


My name is Leslie Friedman, and I’m the course creator and head cheerleader around here. I’ve created several self-improvement courses that I’ve shared with the world, and now I’m in search of some super awesome affiliates. There are two reasons why I’ve chosen to take on affiliate marketers:


  1. I am truly blessed to be able to earn a living from my home office and I want to share that opportunity with others! This affiliate program allows anyone to make an income from home while working self-appointed hours. You can work as much or as little as you like, all from the comfort of your house!
  2. I really believe in helping others, and I’ve designed each course to enrich the lives of those who participate in them. It’s my dream that as many people as possible have the opportunity to better their lives through these courses, so I’m reaching out to affiliates to help me spread the word and help others!


Take a moment, and check out the tabs below to learn more about the affiliate program. If it seems up your alley, be sure to apply! I’d love to have you on our team.




The Courses

We currently offer 2 courses, with one on the way. Click on each course to learn more.
Open Now!
Open Now!

How the Program Works

The affiliate application process/program is really easy!

1. If you are interested in promoting the courses, you’ll tell me which one(s) when you apply.
2. Once you’re accepted, I’ll give you free access to the course (It’s important that you know what you’re selling!!) and send you a series of emails to help you make the most of being an affiliate!
3. Then I’ll make you an affiliate and give you a special link. Whenever anyone purchases the course through your link, you’ll receive commission on the price of the course.
4. There is no limit to how many you sell.

Getting Paid

The courses are through Teachable.com, which has its own affiliate program. Once I make you an affiliate on my end, you’ll be able to access your affiliate dashboard. The dashboard will show how much you’ve made and when you’ll be paid out, etc. Teachable is great, because it handles all tax paperwork and it deposits your commission into your paypal account once a month. (Note- all courses come with a 30 day back guarantee, so there is a month delay on payments. In other words, your February commission will be paid out the first of the month April. It’s a bit weird at first, but once you have more than one month of sales, then you don’t notice that initial gap.)


We’ve recently revamped out commission program to make it super easy. I may have worked my butt off to make these courses, but I know how hard you’re working to sell them! That’s why I’m starting a new, HIGH commission plan for affiliates.


Essentially, for every course you sell, you’ll make 60% of the sale price! 


That’s it! So, if you sell the Style Course you’ll receive around $60! (The style course is $99)

Affiliate FAQ's


  1. How do I sign up? Click the apply now! button at the bottom of the page to fill out an application.
  2. When will I hear back? If you are chosen as an affiliate, you will hear back within 3 or 4 days of applying.
  3. Do I have to buy the course to become an affiliate? No purchase of any sort is necessary. If you become an affiliate, I will give you the course for free.
  4. What if I don’t like the course once I take it? It’s hard to sell something you don’t like! We won’t make you continue with the program if you don’t like the course. (But we think you’re going to love it)
  5. When will I get paid? Every month beginning 30 days after your first sale.
  6. Will I still make commission if someone returns the course? Unfortunately not. We have a 30 day return policy, but we also have tried really hard to create courses that are so awesome they don’t need to be returned.
  7. Do I need to sell a minimum amount to stay an affiliate? Technically, no. You just need to sell a minimum amount to remain at a higher commission level. We want you to be successful, though, so if we notice you haven’t sold anything in a while, we’ll probably reach out and see what we can do to help.
  8. I’m a blogger and I don’t have a lot of website traffic. Can I still apply? We appreciate good potential. Even if you only have a couple hundred views a month, if your site is good, we’ll consider you for the affiliate position.
  9. What kind of support will I receive in the program? Does this sound repetitive? WE WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL!! Because of that, we are extremely supportive of our affiliates and do as much as we can to help you be a rock star affiliate.
  10. I have more questions…    Bring them on! If you still have questions, kindly send them to: empowerme@leslie-friedman.com and we’ll answer them as soon as we can.