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Hey Perfect Pears! Have you ever wished that someone would…

…just give you a whole list of outfits that will look good on you?
…make sure that list of outfits isn’t ridiculously expensive?

If you answered: yes and YES! then you are in the right place!


I’ve talked to so many pear-shaped women (psst. if you didn’t already know, you are the majority body shape!) who just want to make getting dressed easier.


I mean, let’s be real. Who wouldn’t want to make getting dressed easier?


So, I’ve worked long and hard to figure out what could make your fashion life, as a pear-shaped woman, less stressful and more convenient.


Enter: the newest Style E-book. Dressing your Shape: PEAR OUTFITS


This book isn’t just a bunch of random outfit ideas (that doesn’t seem very helpful to me). It’s a book that has over 200 outfit ideas that are all based on clothing you probably have in your closet.


What does that mean?


It means I show you 30 outfit ideas on how to style jeans. It means I show you 20 different ways to wear a black dress. It means I show you how to dress up and dress down a basic grey t-shirt. These are practical outfits that don’t require you to go out and spend a fortune on new clothes. These are outfits catered to all different styles with one thing in common- they all are perfectly handpicked to flatter pear-shaped women.


I am more than thrilled with how this e-book turned out, and I can’t wait to see how much it will make your daily life that much easier (and more fashionable). 🙂


If you’re ready to get out of a fashion rut, or simply get some inspiration that is realistic (I love magazines, but let’s be real, who can actually wear- or afford- those clothes!) and catered to your specific shape, then you need to buy this e-book now!

Dressing your Shape: PEAR OUTFITS (E-book)


You have questions? I have answers.

Who is this e-book for?

This e-book is for women who want to…
Get outfit ideas based on their body shape
Look amazing and in style
Get the most out of the clothes they already own

What's an e-book? Can I read it on any device?

The word e-book is short for electronic book. Essentially, it is a PDF book that you can read on any device that allows you to view PDFs. This includes most smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

When will I receive the book?

Immediately after your payment is processed, you’ll receive an email with the download. It’s really that easy!
***If you don’t receive an email within a few hours, be sure to check your spam or promotions folder. If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Leslie directly at empowerme(at)leslie-friedman.com***