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Have you ever seen another woman and thought…

“How does she always look so good?”


“I would look as stylish as her if I had her clothes”

I think we’ve all thought something along those lines. I know I have, and I’m a personal stylist!


But here’s the thing.


You know those fashionable women that you envy? Their closets are so spectacular because their wardrobe is built on a foundation of classic pieces.


Just like you can’t expect to build a beautiful house on a crappy foundation, you can’t expect to build an incredible wardrobe with no foundation (or at best, a spotty one).


In this e-book, I’ll show you exactly what 20 pieces you need to have a solid foundation for your wardrobe.


For each of the 20 items, I’ll:

1) Describe what it is (and why it’s important)

2) Tell you which style will work best for your body shape

3) Give you other tips and substitutes depending on your lifestyle and age

And here’s the cool thing:


You’re not just getting an e-book filled with wardrobe essentials and outfit ideas.


You’re getting a shortcut to getting ready in the morning.


You’re getting more money in your pocket because you aren’t buying things that you’ll never wear.


You’re getting a closet full of clothes that actually work for you and not against you.


You’re getting real inspiration and advice from someone whose job is to dress normal, everyday women just like yourself.


I decided to create this e-book because I see so many women struggle with putting together outfits on a daily basis. For them, getting dressed has become more of a chore or necessary evil.


But why is that?


The answer is simple. It’s because they have a lot of clothes, but none of them are core foundational garments. They essentially have a lot of icing and sprinkles but no cake!


The whole goal of this e-book is to help you, not only start creating a delicious, wonderful cake (aka: wardrobe), but one that works for your body, age, and lifestyle.


Scroll down to see more about the Building a Classic Wardrobe: THE BASICS E-book.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the e-book:

1. The 20 foundational clothing items every wardrobe needs

20 foundational items

2. Different styles of each item for each body shape

different body shapes

3. Practical hints and substitutions for every age and lifestyle

closet basics ebook feature

4. Outfit ideas for any occasion (including work and play!)

testimonial quote

Don’t wait!


Get your copy of Building a Classic Wardrobe: THE BASICS today

Building a Classic Wardrobe: THE BASICS (E-book)


You have questions? I have answers.

Who is this e-book for?

This e-book is for women who want to…

  • Save time getting dressed every day
  • Look amazing (without the effort!)
  • Shop less and save money
  • Have a closet full of clothes that they’ll love (and actually wear!)

What's an e-book? Can I read it on any device?

The word e-book is short for electronic book. Essentially, it is a PDF book that you can read on any device that allows you to view PDFs. This includes most smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

When will I receive the book?

Immediately after your payment is processed, you’ll receive an email with the pdf e-book download. It’s that easy!

Hint: If you don’t see the email in your inbox, try checking your spam or promotions folder. If you have any issues, feel free to notify Leslie directly at empowerme(at)leslie-friedman.com.