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Audiences are raving about Leslie Friedman's energetic, impactful, and humorous talks. Leslie will bring to life communication, personal branding, and image management in a way that will create lasting change in your audiences' lives.
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Leslie Friedman is the voice you need for your next event!

With her powerful, effective talks and individual consulting sessions, Leslie has been helping youth and adults across the United States take control of their image and improve their lives.
She specializes in helping individuals and businesses harness the power of personal branding to effectively alter their appearance and actions to guarantee personal and professional success. By integrating both personal branding and image control techniques, Leslie offers a unique, inside-out approach to improving communication and ensuring success in the workplace and at home.
Leslie is an experienced speaker who works one on one with event and meeting planners, just like you, to design customized programs that your audience will love. Whether the main message is motivational, informational, or somewhere in between, Leslie uses a mix of personal experience and science (along with a healthy dose of humor) to ensure that each talk is entertaining, educational, and engaging.

Discover why Leslie has an 80% rebook rate among meeting and event planners:

Programs are results oriented to fulfill the needs of the company or organization

Every session is personalized to be impactful and relevant for the audience

Organized, respectful, and always prepared, Leslie is professional and easy to work with

  • BECOME A SCREAMING SUCCESS, WITHOUT OPENING YOUR MOUTH: Mastering the art of non-verbal communication

  • Before you open your mouth to speak, your body language and appearance have already spoken volumes, so make sure it’s saying exactly what you want. In this fast paced, entertaining, and motivating program, audience members will learn to streamline their personal brand with their body language and appearance creating powerful results instantaneously.


    This custom tailored program, will help your…


    -Improve sales

    -Strengthen its company brand

    -Boost efficiency

    -Create outstanding customer service relations



    -Enrich current members and attract new ones

    -Streamline communication

    -Improve their brand within the community


    …College/University Students:

    -Conquer career fairs

    -Ace job interviews

    -Network more effectively

  • ROLLING OUT YOUR OWN RED CARPET: The key to discovering and harnessing your personal brand

  • There are over 7 billion humans on this Earth. You have the choice to become just another number, or to stand out and rise above the masses. Anyone can become a celebrity within their homes, workplaces, social settings, and cities if they know what makes them unique and marketable. In this engaging, informative, and motivating program, you’ll learn what your most marketable traits are and discover how to harness them to achieve celebrity worthy success.


    This personalized program will help each member of your audience:

    -Understand personal branding and why it’s vital for success in today’s world

    -Discover what unique traits they bring to the table

    -Leverage those traits to create their own success

    -Gain the confidence to step out into their own spotlight/onto your own red carpet

  • IS YOUR LOOK A LIABILITY?: How to keep your image from sabotaging your success

  • We make decisions daily that are subconsciously affected (and sometimes completely driven) by the appearance of the other party. If you’re afraid that your shoes are losing you sales, your posture is propelling away clients, or your clothing is affecting your credibility, then you need to hear this talk! In this interactive, humorous, and informative program, Leslie Friedman pulls on psychological studies and her own longstanding career in fashion to deliver relatable and instantly applicable tips for improving your image. Your appearance can be a powerful force on your way to success, so make sure apathy and bad sartorial decisions aren’t sabotaging it!


    In this customized program, audiences will learn:

    -Why their image is important

    -The effects their appearance has on others

    -Easy and effective ways to change their image for the better

    -Tips to maintaining their new appearance

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