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Package 2: Conquering the Climb


Are you ready to set yourself apart at work and take your career to the next level? This package is designed to help speed you up the ladder to success and start gaining the respect you deserve.

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Has your career slowed down, despite a desire to keep moving upwards? Do you struggle with gaining respect or being taken seriously? Your image could be playing a huge role in holding you back. It could also be costing you clients and driving away customers. In this package, we go more in depth to help solve any disparities between how you want to be perceived and how you currently are being perceived. Our professional image consultants also get much more detailed when it comes to providing you with advice that covers almost every aspect of your image including hair, makeup, accessories, and clothing. We even throw in our favorite body language tips and tricks report absolutely free.


The Conquering the Climb Package includes:

  • Inside-Out Image Assessment*
  • Abbreviated, 5+ page personalized style report
  • *BONUS* Insider tips and tricks to help bolster your body language


*The Inside-Out Image Assessment is a unique report that does three things:

1) Identifies how you would like to be perceived (based on your survey responses)

2) Compares that to how you are currently being perceived (based on the pictures) and

3) Identifies any areas of inconsistency that need improvement.

Then, the personalized style report gives applicable tips and suggestions to improve your appearance and bridge any gaps between the way you wish to be seen and how you are currently viewed.


How it Works:

1. After purchasing, you’ll receive an email with detailed instructions and a survey link.

2. Fill out and submit the survey. Email us 4-5 pictures of your typical outfits.

3. Within a week, you’ll receive an assessment and personalized style report right to your inbox!



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