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Package 1: Starting Path To Success


Ready to start taking control of your appearance, but don’t have a lot to invest? This package is perfect for students and young professionals on a budget.

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Genuine. Motivated. Sloppy. Push-over. Have you ever wondered what assumptions people think when they look at you? With the Starting Path to Success you can stop wondering, start knowing, and begin to successfully alter those assumptions to your favor. In just one week or less*, you’ll have a personalized report from our professional image consultants that is full of tips to help you start looking like the success that you are. So, stop leaving people’s opinions of your up to fate, and take control! You’re only one outfit away from changing your future forever.

*Reports are guaranteed to be in your inbox one week or less after survey and photos are submitted.


The Starting Path to Success Package includes:

  • Inside-Out Image Assessment*
  • Summary, 2+ page personalized style report


*The Inside-Out Image Assessment is a unique report that does three things:

1) Identifies how you would like to be perceived (based on your survey responses)

2) Compares that to how you are currently being perceived (based on the pictures) and

3) Identifies any areas of inconsistency that need improvement.

Then, the personalized style report gives applicable tips to improve your appearance and bridge any gaps between the way you wish to be seen and how you are currently viewed.



How it Works:

1. After purchasing, you’ll receive an email with detailed instructions and a survey link.

2. Fill out and submit the survey. Email us 4-5 pictures of your typical outfits.

3. Within a week, you’ll receive an assessment and personalized style report right to your inbox!





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