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Speaking Topics and Workshops for Students
From middle school assemblies to collegiate keynote speeches, Leslie loves delivering the message of personal branding to America’s youth. Choose from one of the popular talks below, or work with Leslie one on one to create a talk or program that caters to your students’ specific needs.

  • JUDGED: What your appearance says about your personal brand

    • You can’t change the fact that people will judge you, but what you can change are the judgments that are made. Every day we have the unique opportunity to alter the way others perceive us, simply by altering our appearance. Are you taking advantage of that opportunity, or is your reputation in someone else’s hands? Learn why personal branding is important and what your appearance is telling the world.
    • This talk is great for –> Middle School, High School, College Students
    • Coordinating workshops: Achieving the Best Me

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  • TRADEMARKED: The key to discovering and harnessing your personal brand

    • There are 7.3 billion humans on this Earth. Learn what makes you different and how to leverage those attributes in order to be the best you can be at home, socially, and in your career. Find out why personal branding is important and how to make a brand that is worthy of being trademarked.
    • This talk is great for –> High School, College Students
    • Coordinating workshops: Achieving the Best Me

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  • THE MILLENNIAL STUDENT: Why wearing sweatpants everyday just won’t cut it

      • Competition starts long before the first job interview for today’s students. A strong personal brand early on will help define student’s college careers and make them more marketable in today’s job market.
      • This talk is specific to –> College Students
      • Coordinating workshops: Achieving the Best Me

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Coordinating Workshops
Workshops are designed to further explore speaking topics in an in depth and personal manner.
  • ACHIEVING THE BEST ME (student version)

    • Students will identify what attributes they would like to be known for and then learn what those traits look like in their day-to-day appearance.
    • Coordinating speaking topics:



The Millennial Student