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Speaking Topics for Businesses
The workplace is ever changing and presents new challenges daily. With experience in corporate, small business, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit companies, Leslie has the skills to understand your workplace and help your business, succeed. The following are speaking topics designed to help employees identify and leverage personal branding in the workplace.
  • PEGGED: Personal Branding in the Workplace

    • How are you pegged in the workplace? As the funny guy? The quiet girl? The hard worker? Every day we have the unique opportunity to alter the way others perceive us, simply by altering our appearance. Are you taking advantage of that opportunity, or is your reputation in someone else’s hands? Learn why personal branding is important for your success in the workplace and how it can help you achieve your career goals.
    • This is a talk great for –> Employee personal development
    • Coordinating workshops: Achieving the Best Me

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  • HOIST: The Art of Leveraging your Employees' Personal Brands for Group Success

    • Each of your employees has their own unique set of positive talents that they bring to the table. That’s why you hired them after all, isn’t it? While finding the right people may seem the most difficult part, there are often problems when you put strong, and differing, personal brands on the same team. Learn how to maximize each team member’s personal strengths to create an environment where all employees are constantly hoisting each other (and the company) to greater success.
    • This is a talk great for –> Managers
    • Coordinating workshops: Battle of the Brands

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  • SKIN DEEP: Using the Dress Code for Personal Success

    • The most common reason that dress codes are violated are because they are not understood. The employee doesn’t always realize that they dress code can actually help their career rather than being a road block. This talk is designed to help employees understand the importance of a dress code and why they should adhere to it by presenting it in a way that is directly applicable to their personal success.
    • This is a talk great for –> Employee personal development
    • Coordinating Workshop: Work the Part; Look the Part

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Coordinating Workshops
Workshops are designed to further explore speaking topics in an in depth and personal manner.

    • Employees will learn on a personal level how their specific appearance choices are either helping or hurting their career goals. They will also receive practical and applicable advice to help align their appearance with their personal brand.
    • Coordinating speaking topics:

Skin Deep

  • ACHIEVING THE BEST ME (employee version)

    • Employees will identify what attributes they would like to be known for and then learn what those traits look like in their day-to-day appearance. They will also learn about how those traits directly affect the brand, culture, and productivity of the company.
    • Coordinating speaking topics:



    • Managers will learn how to encourage both personal brand development and teamwork simultaneously to create a productive work environment that doesn’t turn into a battle of personalities.
    • Coordinating speaking topics:


Consultation Services for Businesses
Whether it’s dress code revision, receiving help on understanding millennials, or a personalized request, Leslie will work with your company to develop a unique consultation and application plan.
  • Dress Code Creation or Revision (for employers)

    • With deadlines to meet, and a stream of constant emails, it’s often hard to devote time to creating and enforcing an effective dress code. Let Leslie review and revise an old dress code, or even draft a new one, that will encompass your company’s culture and boost productivity.
    • This is a consultation service great for –> Startups, Human Resource Professionals

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  • Understanding Millennials

    • There are 53 million (and growing) millennials in the US workforce making it the most represented generation clocking in to work every day. Is your company prepared to hire, manage, and do business with a generation that is unlike any other? With a foot in two generations, Leslie understands first hand how to bridge the gap between employees of seemingly vastly different eras.
    • This is a consultation service great for –> Management, Sales and Marketing Representatives

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