Individual • Leslie Friedman Image Consulting
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All services start with a no obligation free consultation. This is a time when Leslie will get to know you better and develop a full understanding of what your needs are and which services would serve you best.

Personal Shopping

There are three different options of personal shopping services.
1) Basic Personal Shopping: During a basic personal shopping session, we determine what looks are working for you and what are not. We then go shopping together and I will teach you how to make informed buying decisions that are right for your body type and your budget.

2) Closet Personal Shopping: That’s right, this is when we go shopping through your closet. Do you have more clothes than a movie star, yet feel that you only wear the same three outfits? During a closet shopping session, we go through your closet and decide what’s working and what’s not. We also discuss new ways to put together old outfits. This is a great service if you find yourself in a fashion rut!

3) Thrift Store Personal Shopping: It doesn’t matter how much money you do or don’t have, thrift store shopping can be fun! However, because of the lack of attentive sales staff and the sheer amount of products, thrift store shopping can be overwhelming. During a thrift store shopping session, we go through your favorite thrift and consignment stores and I show you what to look for and how to find the best bang for your buck.


Personal Style Consulting

Maybe you just have a lot of questions about your personal style, what is appropriate for you and what isn’t, etc but you’re not really interested in a shopping experience. No problem! I can help you update your look over a time as short as lunch or coffee.


Career Consulting for Individuals

Are you a fresh high school or college graduate entering the workforce for the first time? Have you been in the workforce for 40 years and feel it’s time to reassess your work look? Either way, what you wear interviewing and on the job is extremely important. I will consult you on a case by case scenario and help you look appropriate for your position (or position to be).


Career Consulting for Businesses

Is the dress code at your workplace being abused? Do you need to rework the dress code, or make up one in general? I can help write, rewrite, and revise dress codes. I also give workshops for businesses that have issues with dress code compliance. Because people are naturally self serving, I address dress code problems from the point of view of how it’s hurting the employee (lack of respect, lack of promotions, etc).


Event Styling Services

Mother of the Bride/Groom? Big work event coming up? Anytime you have a one time event where you need to look your best, let me help! I can teach you what works best for you and help you find the perfect outfit for your event.