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Snap a picture + Do a survey + Receive personalized results to your inbox = The easiest way to start making your appearance work FOR you and not AGAINST you. Discover more about our online image consulting services today.
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We change the way people see you

Snap a picture

Take a survey

Get personalized results straight to your inbox

This is image consulting reinvented
Wait a minute. What exactly is Image Consulting?
Image Consulting is just a fancy way of saying, “Altering your appearance to get what you want.” Professional Image Consultants help people change their appearances to achieve their goals. While many Image Consultants will come to your home and critique your belongings, we take a different approach. We compare how you are currently being perceived with how you want to be perceived and offer personalized, easy to understand feedback to help bridge that gap all straight to your email. No one rifling through your stuff. No appointments taking up your precious time. Just positive, friendly advice, style tips perfect for your lifestyle, and easy to implement action plans to help the world see your very best side.

How it Works

Step 1: Pick a package based on your needs

Just starting your career? Closing in on the C-suite? No matter what your status is, we have the perfect package for you!

Step 2: Take some pics and fill out a short survey

Whip out your phone, take some quick selfies, and fill out a survey. This is how we are able to give you customized advice that will really work for you!

Step 3: Receive a personalized report within one week

Our professional image consultants will compile a report with personalized advice to help YOU improve your appearance and reach your goals!

Don’t forget about your online image!
It’s important to look your best in person. However, with every generation being more technologically savvy than the next, it’s vital to make sure your online image is also the best it can be. A 2014 survey by CareerBuilder found that 51% of job candidates who employers researched online were passed over for the job because of their online presence. Is your online image causing opportunity to just pass on by? We hope not, and that’s why we created a special service to help you put your very best (digital) foot forward.
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