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6 Ways to style the Kate Spade Bon Shopper Handbag



I’m not sure which I’m more excited about: the adorable Kate Spade Bon Shopper bag in Flamingo Dot or the fact that I’m giving it away to one of y’all! Eek!


I usually do one giveaway a year, and this year I’ve chosen a Kate Spade bag. Real quick, before I tell you how to style it (and how to win it!), I want to tell you WHY I love it so much.


Why this bag is awesome:

  1. It’s so versatile. You’ll see below how good it looks with everything from sequins to sneakers.
  2. The pattern and coloring is a modern, feminine take on an animal print (making it feel fresh and not frumpy).
  3. It’s so roomy. You can easily put a laptop, change of clothes, or even a small dog in it!


Keep scrolling to see how to style and win the bag.



Below, you’ll see the 6 ways I’ve styled the bag and how to get each look. At the very bottom, you’ll have a chance to enter to win the bag, so make sure to scroll to the very end!





Ps. I’m not a model. So have fun laughing at my weird faces. And, just for a fun game, see how many times you can spot my dog Coco (answer at the end).


1. Office Chic

The Bon Shopper is a great way to liven up a boring workday outfit. If you’re like me and have at least 20 black dresses in your closet, raise your hand. This is the bag that is going to make those little black dresses, and all your other wardrobe essentials,  a little more exciting.



The bag is big enough for a laptop, but still somewhat formal enough to wear with a power suit. It might not be appropriate in a court of law, but it does work well in your everyday office setting.



Get the look:

2. Casual Eclectic


A boxy, mockneck tee and distressed boyfriend jeans keep this look casual, while embroidered bow stockings, heels, and a mound of necklaces class up the outfit and give it personality.



I would definitely wear this outfit to a gallery opening or wine tasting. It’s visually interesting, but not crazy. I’m keeping everything pretty monochromatic so that the pink of the bag really makes a statement.


Get the look:

3. Print Possessed


I’m not going to lie. This outfit is pretty adventurous, but I love it. I’m wearing wide leg, houndstooth trousers from Tibi and an animal print dress. Yes, that actually is a mini dress and not a shirt! The hat is from Walmart (for realz) and the shoes have poms on them. There’s a lot going on here, but because of the tight color scheme and different size prints, it all works.


Did you know? Animal prints are one of the top 8 trends for Fall 2018. Click here to see the other 7.



Playing with volume has got to be one of my all-time favorite things to do.


Get the look:

Btw- for whatever reason, houndstooth and plaid do not like digital screens so those prints will always look a little wonky on computer screens. If anyone knows why this is (or even better, how to prevent it) let a sista know!

4. Classically Inclined


This is a typical Fall/Winter outfit for me: cashmere sweater, scarf, jeans, and riding boots. Because the pink of the bag is subtle (it can actually look like a bone color), it goes just as well with black as it does brown. I could easily have on brown riding boots for this outfit. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the scarf actually has a lot of the same light pink in it which gives the outfit color and ties it back to the bag.


Did you know?: Fuschia pink, wine/oxblood red, and blush pink (like the color of the bag) all look good with each other- just as long as you ground them in neutrals!

Get the look:

5. Funky Formal



You literally can’t make a bad outfit with this skirt. Sequins, much like animal print, can act like a neutral. Once again though, it’s a good idea to keep your color palette tight when you’re mixing lots of prints and textures.



Get the look:

6. Spin Chic



Let’s be honest, I don’t actually go to spin classes. I do, however, know how to rock the athleisure trend. Isn’t it so cool how this bag looks just as good with yoga pants as it does a little black dress?




Get the look:


And finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Simply enter your email in the form below to win the Kate Spade Bon Shopper from this blog post.



Did you count the Coco’s? How many did you find? (Answer: Coco was in three pictures including the one above)

  • Crystal Dye

    October 26, 2018at7:09 pm Reply

    Love the bag and you!

  • Melissa Ramsey

    October 28, 2018at11:02 am Reply

    Super cute! #win

  • Julie Nichols

    November 1, 2018at11:50 am Reply

    So cute!

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