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What I do with your information


If you’re anything like me, you’ve received a million emails this week about every company and their mother updating their privacy policy.

It’s almost like they all sat down and were like, “we need to update our policies by the end of the week”. Which actually, isn’t that far from the truth.

The European Union has created new data collection and privacy laws that go into place May 25, 2018 (aka: Friday). The new regulations are called GDPR (general data protection regulations) and apply to any EU citizen AND any business that collects any sort of information (yes, that includes names or email addresses) from EU citizens.

As someone who has wonderful people from all over the EU visit my website, get my freebies, and buy my products, I needed to make sure I was compliant with these new laws. So, I’ve spent some really great quality time this week reviewing the GDPR and making sure I’m up to par, and here’s what I’ve learned…the purpose of GDPR is to keep people from misusing your information. I guess I knew that, but I thought compliance would be a lot harder than what I’m already doing (since I’m pretty much 100% compliant already). What it really does, is keep people from pulling marketing gimmicks on unsuspecting visitors (like pre-checking boxes for you and stuff like that).

How many times have you signed up for one thing (like an e-book) and then started to get emails from the same sender about all sorts of unrelated and unwanted things? That’s what the GDPR is trying to stop.

So, let’s go back to all those emails you’ve been getting. Most of them say something like, “we’ve updated our privacy policy and would like you to agree to the new policy. Please read it here”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to take the time to read through their whole privacy policy. I mean, maybe if I had insomnia I was trying to cure, but I have a lot better things to do. I found myself wishing that they would just summarize it in easy language for me to skim over. That’s when I got the idea to do that with my own privacy policy.

If you want (maybe you’re trying to cure some insomnia!?), you can read my whole privacy policy here.

For everyone else, I thought I’d just write a really candid letter about what I do with any information you give me. (aka: what the privacy policy says)


xoxo, Leslie


Dear Awesome people that visit my website, 

Thanks for stopping by! You may notice that I have lots of great resources about how to look your best, communicate effectively, and improve your personal brand.

It’s my goal to provide you with incredible resources to help you be your best self. Some of those resources are paid (e-courses, etc.) and some are absolutely free. Maybe you’ve already watched a webinar or downloaded a free cheat sheet and know what I’m talking about.

The easiest way for me to get these freebies to you, is via email. Lots of websites may spam you to death the minute you give out your email, but we won’t. (If you want to see a full description of what happens when I get your email, look at the PPS at the end).

Once you give me your email here’s what we WILL and WILL NOT do:

Things I DO with your email:

    • Use it to give you the free or paid resource you requested
    • Save it in a safe place (secure third parties Mailchimp and Convertkit hold my email list)
    • Communicate with you personally if you reach out with questions, problems, comments, etc.

Things I DON’T do with your email:

  • Spam you. Why? 1) It’s rude. 2) I personally write all my own emails. I don’t have a huge team behind me doing all the email writing work. I want to make all my communications with you as personal as possible, so I write everything. The point? I don’t have time to write you a million spam emails. I don’t even have time to write more than a couple follow up emails.
  • Sell it to someone else. Also, rude. Shame on people who do this. I know how important email addresses are. I wouldn’t want  you to sell my info, so I wouldn’t sell yours. It’s that easy.
  • Anything else shifty.

Wow, isn’t that easy? Essentially, it all comes down to respect. I respect you. If you asked to be taken off a list (aka: unsubscribe) or to be forgotten, then I’ll do it.

You may also be wondering about other types of information I collect. Basically, I don’t have ANY of your information until you give it to me in the form of signing up for something (like a webinar or freebie) or writing a comment on a blog post. Any information collected from you leaving a comment (IP address, name, etc) is only seen by me and a third party that checks to make sure it isn’t spam. Neither I nor the third party do anything else with that info. We don’t sell it, auction it off, give it away on business cards…we just let it hang out in the comment info. (Boring, right?)

And that’s it. 

Bottom line?

I don’t want to send you anything you don’t want. I don’t want to make money off your information. I don’t want to be super creepy with your IP address (I wouldn’t even know how if I wanted to!)

I want to help you look and feel your very best. I want to help you create a killer personal brand. I want to help you dress like the confident, powerful BAMF you are.

And, most importantly, I want to respect you.

Highest Regards,

Leslie Friedman



Ps. Want to chat? I’m not elusive, send me an email here: empowerme(at)leslie-friedman.com and I’ll reply ASAP.

Pps. Here is pretty much exactly how this process works. 

  1. You visit my website and see something that catches your interest. Let’s say it’s my webinar on How to Get Dressed in 3 Minutes. 
  2. You enter your email address to have the webinar sent to you. You receive the webinar and hopefully enjoy it and learn a lot!
  3. I receive a notice that someone has signed up to watch the webinar and I receive your email address. Your email address goes automatically into either Mailchimp or Convertkit where it is safely stored in groups according to what you watched or downloaded (this helps me know what you might like in the future!)
  4. You will get a follow up email asking how you liked the webinar and if you’d like any other emails about style tips. If you say you would like occasional emails about style tips, I send you emails about style tips. I also like to send coupons and freebies in these emails, so you don’t want to miss out. But I never send anything ‘off topic’. 
  5. That’s it. No one else sees your email address and I don’t sell it or do anything weird with it. Boring, right?



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