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The Best Beauty Item you never knew you needed


There are a lot of beauty items that I can’t go without. My tweezers, because I’m pretty sure there are wooly mammoth genes running strong in my family. Moisturizers, because nothing is worse than being hairy and dry. And my razor, because…did I mention that my body generates hair faster than vines grow in a rain forest?

Then there’s the item that I never realized I couldn’t go without until I had it: my shower cap.


I know. I know. I sound like an 80 year old. But hear me out; shower caps are ahhhmazing. I didn’t realize how much stress I had in my life until I bought one (and successfully eliminated said stress).

There are two ways that I use my shower cap most often: in the shower (shocker, I know) and on my face (we’ll get to that in a moment).

The first seems pretty basic. When I’m showering and don’t want to get my hair wet, I pull out the trusty shower cap. Hair stylists and experts alike will tell you that washing your hair every day is not the best path to take. Daily lathering and rinsing can strip your hair of the very oils it needs to stay silky, shiny, and strong. This is great news to me because I’m not the kind of person who likes to carve an hour out of my day to style my hair. An hour every two or three days? Now that is something I can handle. I may only be a few steps removed from your grandmother (you know, the one who goes to the ‘beauty parlor’ to get her hair done once a week, every week), but as long as my hair is looking fabulous, you can hold your judgements.

When my shower cap isn’t hanging out covering my hair, it’s covering my face. In fact, I bought my cap for the sole purpose of wearing it over my face. Stay with me here. Have you ever spent forever getting ready and making sure your makeup is just right? Then, you pull on that cute white blouse in ultra slow motion to make sure that your face gets nowhere near the fabric only to realize after this painful process that foundation SOMEHOW got on the neckline. You then spend the next five minutes angrily analyzing your dressing technique, the next 10 removing the blouse (hellooo more makeup), and then 20 more minutes laundering it with special soap to make sure it doesn’t stain.

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.

Enough times, apparently, to go shopping for shower caps to wear on my face. (In case you’re wondering, I picked this jazzy polyester one up in the clearance section of my local walmart for just under $2.) Two little dollars and my life changed forever. I can now pull on clothes with reckless abandon. I can try on as many clothes as I want post makeup without having to worry about time. I haven’t bought a bottle of stain remover in years. Okay, that last one isn’t quite true, but that’s just because I am messy not because of makeup issues.


If you haven’t already, you should try it. After seeing me use the full face shower cap to get dressed several times, my husband marveled, “you should sell those”. My somewhat bewildered response was, “what? Why?” (As someone who always thinks in terms of profit margin, marketability, and market share, selling a product you could free at most hotels seems a little far fetched to me). He then proceded to say that I should make them and sell them because it was so cool how I never got make up on my clothes now. “You made that one, didn’t you?” was his reasoning. Oooh. Now this made sense. I had to break the news to him that it was really just a shower cap. Intrigue and fascination = immediately smothered (along with the business idea).

You know what isn’t smothered, though? My hair. Because my shower cap is roomy enough for even the biggest bouffant. Which works out great when I have my hair done and I’m working on my makeup, but need my ‘do’ to ‘don’t’ interfere. If you’ve ever gotten an wisp of hair in your eyelashes while you’re applying mascara you know the importance of this. If you don’t, just wait until you mindlessly move that hair out of the way and watch the mascara trail it leaves across your face. #winning. Unless you like that sort of getting ready fun, might I suggest a shower cap? It is after all, a much more fashionable option than the hair net.

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  • Kevin DeMare

    May 27, 2016at12:57 am Reply

    Love the shower cap and nice heel on the front page. Have you considered oil for your hair after showering?

    Do you think they’ll have an Avatar style shower cap in Santa Monica?

    Love the site.

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