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So, what do you actually do? The short answer


Regardless of where I am or who I am talking to, that inevitable question comes up: what do you do? Except, unlike most people, I am usually asked that question twice. Once at the beginning of a conversation and then again after I say what I do. It goes something like this:

Person at dog park/networking event/meeting: What do you do?

Me: I am an Image Consultant and Public Speaker.



Them: So…what exactly does that mean?

I’ve heard it so many times that I have a tactic for dealing with this issue. For starters, I make sure that I ask them what they do before they ask me. Then, I elaborate on my title in a way that makes sense to them. For example: If they work in the school system I may say, ‘I am an Image Consultant and Public Speaker. I often talk to college students about the importance of personal branding and their appearance when they go to career fairs, etc’. It may not clear all the confusion, but it helps to draw a connection between their career and my own.

I think it’s the C-word that throws everyone off. Consultant? How do you consultant images? Do you just go around telling people they look bad? For the record, the answer to that last question is ‘no’. Everyone has attributes that they love about themselves. I help them identify and showcase these attributes in a way that builds confidence and self esteem. My goal as an image consultant is to help individuals look the way they wish to be perceived. For example, if a client wishes to be seen as professional, hard working, creative, and globally versed, I help them adjust their image to be seen as those characteristics. I also help clients find their personal style, clean out their closets, and dress appropriately for their careers.

And then there’s the speaking thing. The vast majority of people do not speak for a living, so when you meet someone who does, it seems strange. But just think about it. Every time you go to a conference, club meeting, organization (even Rotary or Kiwanis), or Chamber of Commerce special event there are individuals who deliver presentations. I am that individual. There’s a reason why you are getting charged $35 to enjoy a $12 salad during your lunch hour. The rest of the money goes to the hosting organization and to the guest speaker. Often times these individuals are people who have some interesting outlook or perspective and seek to share that with others. I am passionate about personal branding as it relates to a person’s appearance. I truly feel that you can leverage your appearance and personal brand to help you achieve your goals. Each time I speak, I seek to deliver applicable, interesting information in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand. The main point of the message is always the same (the importance of your appearance in personal branding!!) but the overall topic may vary based on the audience. One week I may give advice to college students about their personal brand while the next I am coaching salespeople in a major corporation as to how their appearance can help, or hurt, sales.

If a decent amount of people ask me the ‘so, what exactly is it that you do?’ question to my face, I am willing to bet there are dozens more out there who wonder the same thing. Hopefully this short post will satiate your curiosity, although it doesn’t go so far as to answer the question I’ve been asked once or twice: what exactly do you do all day? That will just have to wait for another time.



ps. If you’re interesting in learning more about my speaking topics or image consulting services for individuals, click on the link above titled ’empower my…’ and then choose the option most applicable to you. 🙂

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