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How Active Are Your Clothes?


At the risk of sounding really nerdy, I just want to throw this out there: sometimes I read research articles. Okay. Actually I may or may not have (but definitely did) get a library card with the sole intent of accessing databases like Ebscohost. So there’s that.

Usually the articles I read are clothing related (shocking, I know) and many of them present information that isn’t wholly revolutionary. However, in every research article, there is always a jewel. It might be a statistic that is fresh and undiscovered. It might be a quote that makes me think about the same old topic in a new way. Whatever it is, I savor those little moments.

Tonight I was reading, “Consumers’ clothing disposal behaviour – a synthesis of research results” by Kirsi Laitala. It was essentially a compilation of other studies dealing with why and how people dispose of clothing. Like I said before, nothing too radically new…but there was one sentence that struck me:

“Many consumers also reported on having inactive clothing in their wardrobes.”

Inactive clothing? We’ve all heard of active clothing…but never have I ever heard of clothing described as inactive. The author isn’t talking about clothing that is used for non-athletic purposes. Rather, she literally means clothing that isn’t getting any action (at least not on your body). These are the articles of clothing that just hang in our closets season after season waiting for us to lose 10 pounds, grow 5 inches, or suddenly start liking the color pink. We all have these ‘space wasters’ (as I like to call them) but how wonderful to call them inactive!


So here’s a question. How active are your clothes? Are you getting the most out of every piece? Or do you have pieces that haven’t seen the daylight for years? If you’re not sure…just start with the ones that still have tags. Those are the epitome of inactive.

A smart wardrobe, no matter how big or how small, should be filled with active clothing. (And, no, I’m still not talking yoga pants. Although, there is a time and place for those too.) As you being to pack away your winter wardrobe, I encourage you to ask yourself how much action each item has received over the past few months. If the numbers are lingering (or non-existent), it may be time to pass that garment on to a better place.

Having trouble letting go of those inactive clothes? Think of them this way. They’re like that good looking guy that isn’t ready for a relationship and isn’t anywhere near your #1 fan. He may be good looking, but why waste time on someone that isn’t going to give you want you need. Get rid of him (don’t worry, he’ll find someone else that fits him much better) and get on with your (well dressed) life.


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