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3 ways to prevent I don’t have anything to wear syndrome


It’s 1:30pm. Your interview/event/hot date is at 3pm and you are standing in front of your closet. freaking. out. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

There is, after all, a reason that this someecard has been shared 58,700 times:



So let’s delve into the horrible sickness of IDHATWS (aka: I don’t have anything to wear syndrome. I’m pronouncing it I’d-hat-wiss). Luckily, IDHATWS is both preventable and curable. In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, I am going to give you my top 3 tips to preventing (and curing) even your worst cases of IDHATWS.

3 ways to prevent I don't have anything to wear syndrome

3 Tips to Preventing IDHATWS

1. Identify the REAL problem.

If you’re reading this post, you probably live in a 1st world country. With that in mind, let’s be real, it’s not that you don’t have anything to wear…it’s that you don’t have anything to wear that you want to wear. Huge difference. If you continue to treat IDHATWS as if you really have no clothing, you will do nothing but shop for more clothing that you will never wear. The real problem is that you have a closet full of clothes that don’t fit/are damaged/are not appropriate/are not ‘you’/whatever. So, you should be shopping for clothing that fits you/is in good condition/appropriate for work/true to you/whatever. Understanding the problem allows you to accurately address and fix the issue.


2. Simplify.

Chances are you have a closet full of clothes. Maybe too full. Your mind sees a hundred different options and then just shuts down (enter stressed out mode). Start by removing everything that is damaged or doesn’t fit (it’s not like you’re wearing any of these clothes anyway). Then take out anything you haven’t worn in the past two years. GIVE IT AWAY. All this extra visual overload in your closet is not helping you any.


3. Shop with purpose.

If I had a dollar for every time I saw a piece of clothing in someone’s closet that still has the tags on it and heard, “but it was such a great deal” as a response… oooh Lawd, I’d  be richer than Beyoncé. When you are standing in front of your closet and are whining ‘I have nothing to wear!’ get specific. What do you want to wear? Maybe you need a suit for an interview. Maybe you realize that you don’t have a white shirt, warm scarf, black pants, or whatever. As these stressful times pop up, us them to find out what your wardrobe is missing and write it down. Now, here’s the catch: when you’re out shopping, only buy the items on your list. If you always buy with a purpose you will soon have a closet full of clothes that you actually need/want to wear rather than a bunch of pieces that ‘were on sale!!’ but don’t fit or that you don’t really love.


You wouldn’t necessarily assume that taking away and then streamlining options would help give you more choices, but it really does work. Think about it this way. Say you are gluten intolerant and you walk into a restaurant. You sit down and look at the menu, which is 7 pages long and not really organized in any sort of manner AND has a lot of gluten dishes on it. At this point, you would probably say, ‘there’s nothing for me to eat here!’ The waiter would come over and apologize saying, ‘there are gluten free dishes here, here, here, and here”. Satisfied that you won’t have to go hungry, you wonder why they didn’t just put all the gluten free dishes on page, or on one menu. Your closet is like that menu. If there’s a lot of stuff on (or in) it that you don’t care about, you’re going to have a hard time finding what you want. The solution? trim down to that smaller menu (or selection of clothing) that is full of things that you actually like. Then, don’t put anything on the menu that you don’t absolutely love.


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